About John Lacy

John Lacy has been making great images for the construction industry for over 25 years.

Our clients include architects, engineering firms, construction general contractors as well as specialty contractors, owners, developers, investment brokers, equipment and materials manufacturers and distributors, demolition companies, pool installers, prefab component manufacturers, firms specializing in roofing, flooring, walls & ceilings, carpentry, metal stud, drywall, concrete, asphalt, and composite products. We shoot schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, retail, movie theaters, municipal facilities, office buildings and industrial complexes. We also shoot condos, stand alone homes, hotels, casinos, restaurants and apartment complexes.

Our projects have included photography to present project proposals, preconstruction documentation of sites, work-in-progress for documentation and pay stages, final beauty shots at customer hand off, marketing photography for properties as well as contractors and other contributors and interested parties, before and after for renovation projects and documentation of demolition.

Based in South Eastern Michigan, John travels throughout the world to serve his customers. Our local markets include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint and Toledo. We regularly travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan’s west coast, Northern Ohio, Northern and Central Indiana and Northern Illinois.

“Many times people ask me ‘what kind of camera do I use?’
I started out shooting Large Format for architecture subjects in the late 1980’s. 4×5 cameras require shooting several sheets of film for each setup to insure a proper exposure, this was after spending 10-20 minutes just setting up the camera and composing the image on the rear glass while under a black cloth using a magnifying glass as I made adjustments to the lens relative to the film plane. It was a slow and expensive process, but allowed me to make proper shots where the vertical lines are straight and parallel. In the mid 1990’s I principally shot with Medium Format roll film cameras favoring the Hasselblad SuperWide camera system which made shooting much quicker, but required expensive scans to bring the images into Photoshop to correct the perspective. That process also provided the opportunity to perfect other details in the images once in the computer. In the mid 2000’s I moved into Digital formats which have introduced the option of shooting multiple exposures to bring out more detail. Now with nearly 15,000 hours of Photoshop experience my process is twofold: capture and then perfect. I currently shoot 50 megapixel digital systems with high end lenses to give me maximum detail to work with.”

“Of course the camera is just a tool and while it’s important to have good tools it’s the vision that leads us to the results we desire not the tools.”

We can provide you with full costs and options to produce a body of images of your projects and properties ready to use in your marketing.
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