Sometimes circumstances simply don’t allow the perfect shot. We want your property to look as good as it is able, however the weather or traffic or some minor flaws outside of our control can prevents this.

Using our 20+ years of Photoshop experience we can enhance elements within a photo to make it significantly better without misrepresenting the content. By straightening vertical lines we remove distortion our view might include. Sun bleached and crack pavements are cyclical so we just assume they are newly resurfaced. Utility wires are sometime unavoidable, but they shouldn’t distract from what’s important. Sometimes we have to make the shot before the site is ready or even in the middle of winter.

Here are some examples of before and after so you can see what changed and to what degree. The final version should never call to attention the retouching, only the perfection of the subject.

Does it go too far? Some might think so and because of that all retouching is done on layers and in some cases be made less pronounced and with great subtlety. For the most part I try to avoid blacked out parking lots and blue-green lawns. Each subject is unique. Each client is unique.

Please remember this is not journalism, this is marketing and the subject is a concept you are communicating to your audience.

walkways and wires before
after also repairs some subtle details and brings the flags in
clean the floor and adjust the lighting
Can’t wait until Spring, what can you do?
Great! Can you add a sign too?
Just do the best you can…
A contractor’s design award needed special attention
most times a shot just needs a little work to remove a sign, fix a burned out light, get rid of some salt stains on pavement
maybe add just a bit of drama by darkening the sky and foreground a little
Other shots are more, um challanging. Remove the street light?
high resolution original files help when retouching requires pixel level detail
this client wasn’t concerned about the signage as much as the wires and asphalt
I left the sign covers as layers so all options were available