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Commercial Exteriors

Shooting commercial property exteriors at the ideal time to capture the elements desired.

Office building, Retail shopping, Corporate and Industrial. John Lacy will plan and execute the ideal day and time and find views that make your property look its best.

Commercial Interiors

Our clients include Architects, Interior Designers, Manufacturers, Owners and Specialty Contractors.

Quality interior photography will make your spaces look amazing. From reception to meeting spaces, from working spaces to play spaces. We find the best angles of view to show what your property offers at its best.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos all require quality photography of their spaces. In addition to shooting dining rooms, back of house, street views, guest rooms, lobbies and amenities like pools, bars and exercise rooms we also shoot food, beverage and staff. Our marketing photography is creative and compelling to show your property and offerings in the best light.

Municipal & Education

City Offices, New Schools, Renovations to a regional Hospital, these all require attention to capture the property at it’s best while not interfering with ongoing business. We work around the job at hand to insure the best quality images are not at the expense of what’s more important to the users of these properties.

We work carefully with staff and management to make our images when the property is most accessible.

Residential Exteriors

Whether a client wants to feature their work installing an addition, new windows, a built in pool and patio, or landscaping improvements. Our residential exterior photography will capture your property looking its finest.

Residential Interiors

Apartments, Homes and Condos require a special touch to appeal to the client’s audience. Lighting is especially important to achieve a natural inviting look.

Our clients include renovation and improvements contractors, materials manufacturers, architects, homeowners, property owners and property management companies.

More than just Photography

We deliver image files that are ready to
use in your marketing immediately

Quality Retouching

Invisible to the viewer on first glance, image retouching fixes all the little things that can make your image go from good to great. Reflections, distractions, small imperfections removed. No need for utility poles and wires in the background. Pavements cleared of small debris, stains and cracks. John has over 25 years of experience shooting and then perfecting his architectural photos.

Multiple Format Options

You need files both as CMYK tiff files for printing as well as sRGB Jpegs for your website? We can do that. Files are prepared and retouched in the highest resolution and then deliverables matching your exact needs are produced specifically for your immediate need.

Need bigger files later for a trade show display? We archive everything so images we’ve made for you are at our fingertips.

Displays, Prints & More

Office displays, trade show displays, vehicle wraps and signage. We can do all of that and more, much of it directly in-house.

While we most typically produce packages of lobby displays for our clients we have also produced movie set backgrounds, billboards, exterior signage, vehicle wraps as well as wrapping cabinets. With a wide selection of options we can offer you competitive costs to cover your walls with displays of your work.

Web & Video Ready

We design and host websites for ourselves and an small group of clients. This experience allows us to fully understand the requirements and some limitations on using images on the web.

We produce simple videos of interviews, testimonials, walk-throughs, preconstruction documentation. We can also supply your video production people with both images and footage suitable for their formats.